Frequently Asked Questions

With each enquiry, I find that I get many similar questions so I do appreciate you taking the time to read this before reaching out :)


Do you have any packages?


Please have a look through the menu or tab for our service rates! There generally range from $300-$500+ per session.


 To give you the best rates, I generally provide soft copies only as any albums/canvas/prints will have extra labour costs involved. I understand that some parents are too busy to DIY, and for that we have:


Photo Frames

20R (16″ x 20″) frame ($100.00)

24R (20″ x 24″) frame ($150.00)

30R (24″ x 30″) frame ($310.00)


Photo Albums

includes 20 edited photos

 6″ x 6″ Classic Album ($350.00)

 10″ x 10″ Classic Album ($500.00)


No further discount will be given on rates, please understand that I do update my props and wardrobe stash and my time spent servicing you as a client before, during and after the shoot.


How many copies will I get in return?


For casual shoots lasting about 2 hours outdoors, you will generally get about 75-150 good shots which will be edited for colour. 


For indoor shoots only, you can expect 50-150+ shots returned depending on whether it’s 1 to 2 hours. Out of these, 20-40+ will be unique. I will do my best to fulfill any requests made but please don’t expect all 200 shots to be unique with only 1-2 hours. I give back all good shots which means that half-eyes closed or unflattering shots will be tossed, I do not gain anything from keeping good shots from you!


For formal photos (especially for graduation photos and formal family portraits), more time will be spent retouching in addition to editing for colour as these photos will normally be sent for print after. The shoots will be priced accordingly for retouching and any additional retouching is chargeable.


I would like to book a session! How do we proceed?


Awesome! I will require a 50% deposit to secure the slot and the remaining 50% to be paid on the shoot day itself. I accept Paynow, Bank transfer or Cash. Strictly NO CHEQUES please.

Is hair and make-up/a HMUA included?

A HMUA can be arranged. Partners are subject to availability and will have an additional charge of 180+ onwards depending on the artist.


I would like to shoot at my place!

Thank you for inviting me to your home!


Do note that there will be a travel allowance charged for travel if I need my photography gear + props + wardrobe with me especially for newborn and maternity shoots.


If you prefer a lifestyle shoot with natural light photography, travel fees will be waived but please ensure that there is adequate light in the room you plan to shoot in especially if you like bright and airy photos. If you like warm photos with the beautiful contrasts from sunrises or sunsets, send me a picture of your room/house during that time and let's create magic together.

Do you provide the RAW or unedited files?

Sorry no. You do not ask a baker to give you flour and sugar, and likewise I do not give out raw ingredients. 


What does editing include?

Edit includes colouring for consistency. Please let me preferred colour scheme if any before the shoot. For additional and more advanced retouching, additional fees will incur per photo.


I want to bring my great-grandparents, my second cousins, my cat, my butler…

I understand that you want to make the most out of your family photography session, but having too many people will make it seem like regular event group photography with standard shots as there will not be enough time to interact and offer a variety of shots to everyone. If you are planning to have one giant extended family photo followed by mini sessions with the rest of the family, a package can be discussed.


My regular sessions include a max of 6 people per session, additional head at 30/pax.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes! Being a pet owner myself I would love to meet your furbabies too :)


When do we need to book a maternity session?

The best time to book a session is after 32 weeks and before it gets difficult for you to move around. If you are expecting twins, you can start booking after 23 weeks as your bump will be significantly larger. Different mummies have bumps of different sizes, so don’t worry if your bump seems smaller at the moment, as it does get larger pretty quickly near D-day (Delivery ;))


When should I come for a newborn shoot?

Newborn shoots generally take place before 14 days old and up to 21 days old, thereafter they become more awake and less flexible should you wish to bundle them up in cloth in those angelic peaceful sleeping bub photos you saved on instagram. 


Having said that, confinement is tough so if you can only make it after this period, we can still do some shots in other poses!

Do note it’s normal for newborns to have peeling skin, jaundice, and burnt “red” skin. Every baby is different and some may be redder or have dry patchy skin. Don’t panic and we can wait for a few days for it to go away or do some basic colour correction. 


I would like to try xxx pose

As long as it is safe for your baby, I will try my best to accommodate any requests. Bring on the mood boards on instagram/pinterest!


Is your home studio pet-free?



What’s the difference between an infant and newborn?

Infants are older and you can record their different stages of development when they start being able to (1) sit on their bum (2) walking around.


During 4-6 months, some babies are able to sit on their bum, grab objects, roll around and laugh.


Nearing 12 months, some babies can move around while holding furniture, copy you, and even walk.


All babies develop at different rates, so just watch their milestones and decide if that is a memory you would like to keep :)

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