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Traditional Indian Weddings

Indian weddings often last a few days and some pre-wedding occasions you may want to photograph or film include the Bangle Ceremony for the lady and the Thali Ceremony for the Male. Different religions have slightly different customs.


The temple weddings start with the bride and groom starting from their respective homes and arriving at the temple separately without meeting each other.


At the temple, they will pay respects to the temple deities. A bell and chanting will mark the beginning of the ceremony. The groom will start the temple ceremony before going off to change. The bride will make her first appearance at the ceremony before going off to change as well. 

Now watch the entrance of the hall as the groom marches in with his family, and the same thing will happen to the bride as well. Thereafter the ceremony will be conducted with the both of them together and lead up to the most important moment where family members will throw rice over the couple as the groom puts on the Thaali or Mangala Sutra (the yellow necklace) around the Bride and seals it with Sindoor (red pigment) on the Thaali and on her forehead.

Depending on how many people are present, they will be a long queue of family and friends lining up to take photos with the bride and groom on the pedestral. 

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