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Pre-production: Planning your Cinemagraph

May 6, 2017

So I made a post on how to make Cinemagraphs with photoshop CC over here. If you're attempting your first Cinemagraph, here are details that may be troubling you in the inital stages:


What should be in the Cinemagraph?

If the cinemagraph is for a brand, stick to items that are associated with the brand. For this roasted beans coffee company, Cowpresso, I selected items that were used to create coffee. 

What should be moving in the Cinemagraph?

The easiest motion for cinemagraphs would be thin streams of liquid, as the motion is easy to disguise. Once you've established the items for your brand, select your subject for movement. Could be a shoe just tapping, a strand of hair flowing in the wind, the tapping of a finger.


 I want the Cinemagraph to loop perfectly, but it isn't!

As seen in this falling beans cinemagraph, you can see that the image is not looping endlessly like the first image. There were a few things I could have worked on:


1) Slow down the speed of the beans falling so it does not overflow and create distracting beans falling out of the cup behind 

2) Moved the motion of falling beans from left to right so I could create an endless looping effect with the reverse frames


If you have a better solution than this for solid objects, let me know in the comments or drop me an email so I can add it here. We're always learning .


You just said liquid would be easy, you liar! 

Why are the Cinemagraph reverse frames so obvious?!

Cinemagraph doesn't loop endlessly!

Cinemagraph looks jerky!


Well in this case the liquid was poured too fast and the waves in the coffee cup were too turbulent. I had to take some artistic direction with the deleted frames instead of the methodological solution. Unlike your math problems, not everything is by the book. 


[Insert your problem here with no solution]

Well, share your Cinemagraph in the comments or email them to me if you're shy, and we can discuss possible solutions and add them to this post as well so others can benefit from them. 


If you're looking for a Cinemagrapher, email with your needs and you will receive a reply soon!


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