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6 make-up tips for your creative body paint make-up photo or videoshoot

I recently did a shoot with the very talented Natalia (@natalia_brows_mua) and a model, Nicole, who trusted us to create a beautiful, creative mess on her face, shoulders and arms. We encountered some problems along the way and I have decided to compile them so that it can help you avoid the same things we did. 




1) Paint in a cool and dry environment

Even in an air-conditioned room at 24 degrees, our model was perspiring and it made our creamy texture make-up run. As we tried to layer the strokes, we found that the previous layer had not dried so our beautiful thick strokes just created imprints in the previous layer.


I had wanted an outdoor shoot and had asked the MUA if she could do the makeup on location. Combined with the extreme humidity of Singapore, that would have been a recipe for disaster. Please share with me a solution if you have one, so I can conduct more creative shoots outdoors :)




2) Create a base layer for the paint stokes

It helps if you first create a base layer, like a primer, and let it dry. After that, apply the actual colours you want and the paint strokes will have more texture to them. 


3) Do not use lipstick

It is tempting to use lipstick as it is so accessible and almost every girl has one, but the stains left behind followed by painful scrubbing will not be worth it.




4) Body paint make-up colours that still stain

We used a mix of glitter and normal paint colours mostly from the NYX brand which was the most affordable. We found that some colours like white, silver and gold were easily applied on previous strokes, while the red and oranges seemed to be too creamy and too soft to stick on a still-wet base. 


The reds and oranges also left some stains which could not be washed off with regular moisturizing soap  and many wet wipes. #RIPtrees


5) Stock up on the halloween paint

Besides the NYX Brand, I was recommended to check out the body paint section of our local Daiso (an awesome everything for $2 store) during Halloween for good body paint products. 


I was also told horror stories of how a poor chap got burned because the MUA was rushing for time and instead of applying it on a layer (of something), it was applied directly to skin and the skin suffered some chemical burns. So be careful of what products you apply to your face.




6) Use eyelash glue to stick things to your face

Ever wanted to stick pearls and flowers to your face? Just grab some eyelash glue, apply a stroke, and stick it on. 





7) Ensure full coverage

Don't neglect other areas of your skin like the neck, shoulders, back and arms which will appear in the photo!

So hopefully these tips help you out. If you would like to engage my services or follow my work, do look up @wheecaptures :) 

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