Frequently Asked Questions

With each enquiry, I find that I get many similar questions so I do appreciate you taking the time to read this before reaching out :)


Do you have any wedding packages?

Actual Day (AD) Photography

One-shooter package

$1500 for up to 10 hours, additional hours at $180/h or $150/h if booked in advance.

One-shooter package with second-shooter for ROM/Solemnisation/Church

$1800 for up to 10 hours, a second shooter will be arranged for any ROM/Solemnisation/Church services to ensure coverage for both you as a couple and your loved ones attending the ceremony.

If there has been any severe overrun of time, we will ask if you would like to extend the photography services.

Photography SDE Slideshow +$500 (for people who would like to showcase the day's events in photos instead of video)

Split Day Surcharge +$300

Second shooter +150/h

To give you the best rates, I generally provide soft copies only as any albums/canvas/prints will have extra labour costs involved. I understand that some people are too busy to D-I-Y, and for that we have:


Photo Frames

20R (16″ x 20″) frame (+$100.00)

24R (20″ x 24″) frame (+$150.00)

30R (24″ x 30″) frame (+$310.00)


Photo Albums

includes 20 retouched photos

 6″ x 6″ Classic Album (+$350.00)

 10″ x 10″ Classic Album (+$500.00)

Same-Day-Edit Videography

Registration of Marriage (ROM) Videography ($1088)

- Up to 3 hours of shoot with a second shooter

The Same-Day-Edit (SDE) Video only ($1588)

- Up to 6 hours in the morning, after-which you will receive one video for your lunch or dinner banquet. 

AD Videography with second shooter ($2888)

- Recommended for anyone who has any ROM/Solemnisation Ceremony.

- Up to 8 hours for an entire day, typically split with 6 hours in the morning and 2 hours for your banquet to cover both march-ins till your thank you speech.

- Will include 2 shooters and the second shooter will provide coverage if needed while the first shooter is still editing.

- Same-Day-Edit for your banquet

- Final Video will be edited to include snippets from the whole day

- RAW Footage is NOT given


I know we all like a good bargain, but no further discount will be given on rates, please understand that I do update my equipment, do site recee if needed and my time spent servicing you as a client (and hopefully turned friend) before, during and after the shoot.


How many copies will I get in return?


For an entire day, you can expect 500-1000+ shots. I typically return 600+ shots.


Some couple may be holding a second wedding and may not go around as much as most of the people are attending are of their parent's friends and business acquaintances, hence the fewer number of shots.


I would like to book a session! How do we proceed?


Awesome! I will require a 50% deposit to secure the slot and the remaining 50% to be paid on the shoot day itself. I accept Paynow, Bank transfer or Cash. Strictly NO CHEQUES please.

Is hair and make-up/a HMUA included?

A HMUA can be arranged. Partners are subject to availability and will have an additional charge of 180+ onwards depending on the artist.


Do you provide the RAW or unedited files?

Sorry no. You do not ask a baker to give you flour and sugar, and likewise I do not give out raw ingredients. 


What does editing include?

Edit includes colouring for consistency. Please let me preferred colour scheme if any before the shoot. For additional and more advanced retouching, additional fees will incur per photo.

When should I book my favourite wedding photographer/videographer?


As soon as possible. If your wedding is on an auspicious date, it is likely to be snapped up the year before, so book quickly when you find someone you can trust!

What is a SDE Video?


SDE stands for Same-Day-Edit and refers to videos mainly for Chinese weddings in Singapore, where events such as a church wedding or gatecrash and perhaps a short outdoor shoot taking place in the morning will be compiled into a video for a lunch or dinner banquet.  At least 4 hours of editing time is needed. 


If you are holding a lunch banquet, I will be shooting for the first few hours before going off to start the edit and the second shooter or another shooter will take over me. 

What is your style?


We aim to capture fleeting moments which naturally unfold while giving you the tips and suggestions for poses where needed/requested. At the end of the day, we hope our storytelling takes your breath away and brings back timeless memories for you in the years to come.


If you’re a couple who likes edgy, planned shots or already have something else in mind, hit me up with your ideas as I’m always up for something different :)


Do we have to provide a table or food for you?


It's not necessary, but any food will be deeply appreciated. 


How long does it take for me to receive my photos?


You will receive the softcopies within 2-3 weeks! :)

How long does it take for me to receive my video?


For a full-wedding documentary, it will take a month. The documentary will include snippets of your SDE (Same-Day-Edit) as well as the lunch/dinner banquet to tie the whole day together.


What are the charges excluded from the pre-wedding photoshoot package?


Admission charges or venue booking charges for outdoor locations. Outdoor shoot transportation between locations. 


What are the modes of payment accepted?


Deposit/Booking: Internet Banking

Remaining amount to be paid on shoot day: Internet Banking


What does the overseas pre-wedding shoot include?


It includes the photographer and/or videography service and our air tickets and meals. It does not include hair and make-up services or our accommodation unless otherwise stated. 


Please email with your contact number and any details you are able to provide.


Could I do a consultation before the AD/pre-wedding shoot?


Yes! We can arrange a video-call meeting or meet in person to see if we get along. 

Do I decide the locations that I wish to go for my shoot? Who and when do we plan the itinerary for the shoot?


Yes. You will be able to decide on the locations and we will provide you with recommendations and advice based on your preferences. If this is a seasonal shoot, it is best to book flights and accommodation 2-3 months in advance before it’s snapped up. For Japan, popular places can get snapped up the year before. 


If you are too busy (or too lazy ;) ) and want everything planned for you, we can send you an itinerary with imageboard for your approval once we have been booked :)


How long before my wedding should I have the pre-wedding shoot?


We advise that the pre-wedding shoot be done 3-6 months before weddings. This is because nearing the wedding some couples exercise more regularly and try to slim down, and 3 months gives us buffer time to edit the photos as well as send them for printing if needed. 


TL;DR if you’re happy with how you look and have your wardrobe and concept worked out, you can shoot anytime!


Is transportation provided for my pre-wedding shoot?


Transportation and any admission fees for outdoor shoots are not included. A driver can be arranged for $150 a day, inclusive of any parking fees outside the CBD/Orchard area.


Are props provided for the shoot?


Props are not included but we can arrange:


- real flower bouquet (chargeable, order in advance)

- lightbox with text

- warm fairy lights

- empty beer bottles

- empty wine bottles

- anything from my newborn or maternity shoots


What are the benefits of confirming the wedding package early with Wheecaptures?


By confirming the wedding package early, you will be able to ensure my availability, as well as lock in the current rate being offered.


Is the transport for the photography/videography team included in the actual day package?


Transport will be provided to the Bride's/Groom's house in the morning. Transport to be provided by the couple for the rest of the AD service.


What are the usual backup plans for an overseas pre-wedding shoot?


It is best to buffer one day before and one day after the actual shooting period for flights, and we will stay for an additional day at the specific location as a backup day to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances or unfavourable weather from interrupting the shoot plans. 

Do I need to hire a tour guide translator for countries where there is a language barrier?


Not necessary. 


If you are very adventurous and would like to go trekking in the wild, I am all up for it as I love hiking but perhaps it would be better to hire a guide or porter. 


Do not under-estimate the weight of your wedding gown if you choose to wear one, especially if we are walking 10+ km with it.

What makes you different from other photographers or videographers?


I take my shooting very seriously and am a ninja when it comes to capturing moments. I pride myself with awesome SSOC (straight-out-of-camera) camerawork using natural light or strobe lighting as needed which is subsequently enhanced by great editing, while at the same time experimenting with objects and light to capture more creative and voyeuristic shots for others who enjoy a more film-feel to their shots.


Through the long journey and after a job well done, I hope we will be pals too!

I am a vendor looking to form a package, would you be interested?


Yes! Please drop your contact number and I'll get back to you soon.


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